Atoka - The osu! private server for cheaters!
Hi I'm Hisoka. I've been playing StepMania since 2004 so I'm quite familiar with clicking notes with 4 fingers. And I'm trying to reach rank #1 on mania (atoka).
You can private message me on osu! if you have any questions.

Crip Hisoka





Hisoka is a player from Sweden.
They signed up on Atoka .
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They play with Mouse, Tablet, Keyboard.
Global Rank #3
Country Rank   #1
Clan Crips
PP 20,874
Ranked score 41,515,592
Followers 2
Total score 56,626,357
Playcount 117
Playtime 0d 0h 56m
Replays watched 0
Total hits 7,794
Accuracy 99.91%
Level 20