About us
osu!Atoka is an alternative server for osu! nurtured in cheating side of the osu!community. An alternative server enables you to have a legal second account in osu! with its own scores and pp. Wanna try out some new cheats you found? Maybe just want to do something risky like cheating, but with no consequences (besides our rules)? Or maybe you just wanna escape from the noisy bancho to a cosy server where noone knows you and there are less people on leaderboard most of which you will meet personally in-game? Banned on official server? Register on Atoka today!
PP for relax
The relax mod gives PP!
Are you good at waving a cursor around? Join Atoka and get a fair reward for your skills! (Heh heh, gimme that pp!)
Free osu! direct
You won't have to pay for osu!supporter to have convenient gameplay experience in the client - osu!direct is available for everyone! Our supporter still grants a huge set of cool perks but absense of it doesn't affect your gameplay!
Atoka has a clans system! Join your friends to climb up the team rankings with a collaborative effort!
Active admins
Admins are actively participating in the server life, most of them are reachable through popular apps with PM, such as Discord. We have a YouTube channel which is prodominately ran by our Administrators. Where they post compilations of amazing scores set on Atoka! We are always workng to bring players a even more fun experience in osu! and on Atoka.
Unique moderation policy
Atoka has a very unique moderation policy. Moderators are able to decide most punishments with their own discretion. This gives you, the user, the option to say that the prosecuter is incorrect. Giving you a chance to prove your innocence.
Beatmap listing
We have a beatmap listing page! View all those juicy pp maps on our website!
Rank requests
Request beatmaps to be ranked directly from our website! It will be viewed and possibly ranked by our phenomenal Beatmap Appreciation Team!