Atoka's servers will be shutdown on the 20th of November. All accounts have been unbanned/unrestricted, all scores have been wiped, all maps are ranked, and our anti-cheat is disabled. Registration, Clan Creation, and Staff Applications have been disabled as we prepare for shutdown. We hope to see you sometime in the future. Thanks for being apart of our community, and thank you for playing on Atoka.
Atoka - The osu! private server for cheaters!

WEEB _Arii_





_Arii_ is a player from Poland.
They signed up on Atoka .
Last seen: .
Global Rank #24
Country Rank   #3
Clan idk the name
Followers 5
PP 921
Ranked score 40,113,779
Total score 3,587,531,062
Playcount 3,369
Playtime 0d 15h 9m
Replays watched 10
Total hits 8,543
Accuracy 90.36%
Level 81