Atoka - The osu! private server for cheaters!
I played on akat too much, now i'm better at relax than normal osu

top std rank: 10
best std play: 5,158.50pp
top taiko rank: 2
best taiko play: 7,116.5pp
top ctb rank: 3
best ctb play: 1610.65pp
top mania rank: 7
best mania rank: 2665.48pp

8/27/19 - top 10 in all gamemodes in 1025 combined plays

1L L l l





L l l is a Donator from United States.
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They play with Eggplant.
Global Rank #3
Country Rank   #2
Clan 1 Letter
PP 17,748
Ranked score 40,592,091
Followers 6
Total score 98,482,181
Playcount 649
Playtime 0d 5h 12m
Replays watched 8
Total hits 207,219
Accuracy 99.90%
Level 24