Atoka - The osu! private server for cheaters!
ok now this is epic
peak rank: #2
rng player lol
skin: owoTuna CK version

quite cute:

this bruh guy

a fruit:
sky(insert fruit name)

ThePooN v2:
this guy too op he snipes me on rank and maps help me (aka andreiopa)
ok i'm back to bruhtoka niggas

GAYS rufis





rufis is a player from Indonesia.
They signed up on Atoka .
Last seen: .
They play with Mouse, Dick, Eggplant.
Global Rank #6
Country Rank   #1
Clan Gay Mafia
PP 79,355
Ranked score 2,636,104,470
Followers 3
Total score 6,162,145,367
Playcount 1,553
Playtime 0d 3h 7m
Replays watched 69
Total hits 75,372
Accuracy 99.35%
Level 94