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Mirai Commands

These are the commands supported by Mirai, our chat bot.

General Commands

  • !clan - Returns information about the clan you’re in.
  • !mirai - Meet our bot, Mirai!
  • !roll - Returns a random number from 0 to 100.
  • !roll <num> - Returns a random number from 0 to .
  • !help - Display help message.
  • !report - Report a user.
  • !pp <mode> - Show your current pp. If mode is not present, FokaBot will tell you the amount of PP for your current game mode. If mode is present (it can be std/taiko/ctb/mania), FokaBot will tell you the amount of PP for that gamemode. This command works only in PMs
  • !update - Update the beatmapset you’ve /npd in our beatmap mirror. Use this if you’ve just downloaded a beatmap from osu!direct and it shows as outdated or if a beatmap can’t be downloaded from osu!direct because it’s too new.

FAQ Commands

  • !faq rules
  • !faq swearing
  • !faq spam
  • !faq offend
  • !faq english
  • !faq github
  • !faq discord
  • !faq blog
  • !faq changelog
  • !faq status

Tillerino-like Commands

Mirai has some commands similar to Tillerino. Those commands work only if you send them to Mirai through a PM. Remember that PP system has been implemented only on osu!standard, osu!mania and osu!ctb. The bot doesn’t support beatmaps recommendations at the moment, that functionality wil come later, hopefully.

  • /np - Show PP for the current playing song (only if is a osu! standard song).
  • !last - Show info (and gained PP, if it was an osu! standard score) about the last submitted score..
  • !with <mods> - Show PP for the previous requested beatmap with requested mods. Supported mods are NF, EZ, HD, HR, DT, HT, NC, FL, SO.. Don’t use spaces for multiple mods (eg: !with HDHR)

Spectator/Multiplayer Commands

Must be sent in #spectator or #multiplayer.

  • !bloodcat - Returns a bloodcat download link for the currently playing song.

Donor Commands

You must be a donor to preform these commands. Support Atoka here.

  • !c <newUsername> - Changes your username to newUsername. (Requires userDonor)
  • !country <newCountry> - Changes your country to newCountry. (Requires userDonor)
  • !linkdiscord - Link your Atoka account to Discord. (Requires userDonor)

User Input Responses

  • fuck you mirai - Returns a comeback to the statement.
  • !insult - Returns an insult.

Admin Commands

Player Communication

  • !announce <announcement> - Sends an announcement to #announce. (Requires adminSendAlerts)
  • !alert <message> - Sends a notification to all online users. (Requires adminSendAlerts)
  • !alertuser <username> <message> - Sends a notification to username. (Requires adminSendAlerts)

Player Management

  • !kickall - Kicks all users from the server. (Requires adminCaker)
  • !kick <target> - Kicks target from the server. (Requires adminKickUser)
  • !silence <target> <amount> <unit(s,m,h,d,w)> <reason> - Silences target for amount unit with reason. (Requires adminSilenceUsers)
  • !removesilence <target> - Removes silence from target. (Requires adminSilenceUsers)
  • !restrict <target> <reason> - Restricts target for reason. (Requires adminChatMod)
  • !unrestrict <target> - Unrestricts target. (Requires adminChatMod)
  • !ban <target> <reason> - Bans target for reason. (Requires adminBanUsers)
  • !unban <target> - Unbans target. (Requires adminBanUsers)
  • !changeusername <username> <newUsername> - Changes username to newUsername. (Requires adminManageUsers)

Tournament Management

  • !mp <help,make,close,join,lock,unlock,size,move,host,clearhost,start,invite,map,set,abort,kick,password,randompassword,mods,team,settings,scorev> - Multiplayer commands. (Requires userTournamentStaff)
  • !rtx <username> <message> - Sends username a jumpscare with message. (Requires userTournamentStaff)
  • !ghost <target> - Sends to multiplayer menu. (Requires userTournamentStaff)

Server Management

  • !system restart - Prepares server for restart. (Requires adminManageServers)
  • !system shutdown - Prepares server for shutdown. (Requires adminManageServers)
  • !system reload - Reloads the server settings. (Requires adminManageSettings)
  • !system maintenance - Puts the server in maintenance mode. (Requires adminManageServers)
  • !system status - Returns the current server status. (Requires adminManageServers)
  • !sr - Prepares server for restart silently. (Requires adminManageServers)
  • !ir - Prepares server for restart instantly. (Requires adminManageServers)
  • !moderated <on, off> - Puts a channel in moderated mode. (Requires adminChatMod)
  • !mirai reconnect - Reconnects Mirai to the server if they’re offline. (Requires adminManageServers)
  • !switchserver <username> <serverAddress> - Sends username to serverAddress. (Requires adminCaker)

User Specific

  • !night <privileges> - Changes Night’s privileges to privileges. (Requires you to be Night)